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I am not an Estate Agent and don’t sell properties. But I can help if you are having problems selling your home.

It’s unfortunate, but for various reasons some properties don’t attract the offers you need or simply don’t attract any interest at all. If this is the case for you, then I am here to help you.

Using my expertise in property, declutter and interior decoration, I will inspect your property and provide you with advice on what I believe the problem areas are and provide recommendations on what you need to do to shift your property.

I can even take over the relationship with your Estate Agent if you desire.

An investment in my services will provide you with expert, non-emotional, practical and time saving advice to sell your property.

Fees from £500 + VAT

Please note I do not provide Mortgage Valuations, RICS Condition Report, RICS Home Buyer Report, RICS Building Surveying Report or any advice relating to the structure or condition of the property. I will only raise awareness to the issues that I believe need further investigation.

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